FRANCE – Driven High Pheasant at Chateau de la Verrerie

Driven High Pheasant at Chateau de la Verrerie

Surrounded by the Franco-Scottish ambience of the Chateau de la Verrerie, experience the adrenaline and emotions of a traditional English driven pheasant shoot, in the heat of  France.

Situated ​in the Cher department, two and a quarter hours drive south of Paris near Aubigny-sur-Nere, an historic village with strong Scottish links. In 1419, John Stewart of Darnley, arrived in France, with a large contingent of Scottish soldiers , to fight for Charles VII of France against the English. John Stewart was awarded the title of Duke of Aubigny from the French crown, and the family remained in the area for 400 years. The chateau de la Verrerie, the historic ancestral seat of the Stuart family, was the secondary residence of the Stewart’s, built for leisure purposes in 1495.

The estate covers an area of 3600 ha, of which about 500 ha are dedicated to shooting small game (pheasant, partridge, duck). The territory, slightly undulating, is intersected by a small river, la Nere. The habitat is composed of woodlands, fields and cover crops.

We have been offering driven pheasant shooting for almost 15 years. These shoots are organized along the lines of traditional English driven shoots; poults are reared in release pens strategically located around the estate. Walked up shooting in front with dogs is also available.

A days shooting at “la Verrerie”, is an unforgettable experience, for both seasoned shots and novices alike. Every effort is taken to ensure that you have an exceptional day’s shooting, providing memories that will stay with you for longtime.

At the heart of the shoot, the spectacular “chateau de la Verrerie” nestles in the rolling hills, next to a lake. The XV century castle is the meeting place for our shoots, and has 12 beautifully furnished rooms, which are available for lodging during your stay.


SEASON 2020/2021

DRIVEN PHEASANT SHOOT PRICES – Prestige Driven High Pheasant Days (from 15/10 – 15/12)

  • Tailor-made driven high pheasant shoots for 8-12 guns; bag to be agreed upon, whilst booking the shoot. The minimum bag is 300 birds per day.16 500 including all taxes​ per day’s shooting (55 € per bird x 300) for 8 to 12 guns.48 € ​including all taxes​ for each additional bird over and above the bag requested when making the booking.

But you can ask for more birds when you book.

Example: You book a bag of 400 birds for the day, and the bag reaches 450 for the day; the amount invoiced would be 400 x 55 Euros as per the bag agreed and paid up front and the balance of 50 birds would be invoiced at 48 Euros per bird, after the shoot.
During a shoot, we never exceed the desired bag, without your prior consent.

End of season Driven High Pheasant Days (from 15/12)

On the 15th December, we release additional adult birds onto the estate, joining the remaining birds. The price per bird drops from 55 to 40 Euros per bird; minimum bag is 300 birds per day

Services not included in our package:

  • Tips and gratuities
  • The provision of a part of the castle on the day of the hunt and meals (continental breakfast, lunch, wine included and refreshment in the late afternoon): from 120 € / person. Optional:
  • Meals for the Guests of the guns: Breakfast, lunch, refreshment: 80 Euros per person
  • Accommodation at the castle (from 120-280 Euros per room)
  • Dinner, on the evening or the day of the shoot (price on request).
  • Cartridges (Available on request; please check availability of calibre and quantity required, one week prior to the shoot)
  • Gun rental (100 € per day). Please confirm one week prior to shoot – The presence of a loader (80 € / hunting day)


Typical day:          8:30- 9:00 am: Reception, registration and breakfast at the castle
9:30 am : Shoot commences – 4 drives in the morning, one of which will be for duck.

13-13:30 pm: Lunch at the castle
2 to 3 drives in the afternoon
17-17:30pm: presentation of the day’s bag and refreshments.


Bag:                        Estimated average of 300 birds per day (not guaranteed).
The bag would consist of 85 to 100% pheasants and 0 to 15% ducks and partridge

Number of Guns:  8 to 12 guns maximum. Ideal number is 8-10 guns, minimum of 6, maximum of 12.

Above 8 guns, some guns will be double banked

Gun Calibers allowed: 12 to 28 bores; 410 or equivalent are not allowed

Cartridges: To keep the estate clean, cartridges with felt wads are strongly recommended. If you so wish, we can supply cartridges. Please confirm your requirement in advance.

Hunting License: On arrival, on the first morning, each gun must present a validated current hunting license issued by the Cher Department, and a valid certificate of insurance.                                         Without this documentation, you are not permitted to shoot. For Non-residents, the relevant documentation can be obtained on-line, at FDC18 – Le site des chasseurs du 18

Safety: Each gun is subject must adhere to the Safety rules, which will be clearly explained, prior to the start of the shoot.

In the case of a safety infraction, the gun will be accompanied back to the castle, and will not be permitted to continue shooting.

Dogs: Dogs must always be kept on a lead, during the drives. Dogs can only be unleashed, after the end of a drive.


  • Booking: A booking is only considered confirmed upon payment of a deposit of 50% of the price of a day’s shooting. The balance 50% should be paid in its entirety, 90 days before the day of the shoot. Payment of any additional birds shot, should be settled upon the receipt of the corresponding invoice. The payment of the deposit, implies the acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  • Cancellation: Any cancellation made more than 90 days before the date of the booking, will result in the forfeiture of the deposit (50% of the daily shooting rate) between 90 days and the day of the booking, no refund will be given. French nationals may claim on “cancellation” insurance policies, if these have been taken out (contact us). Warranty schedule; from the booking date to 90 days before departure = 50% of costs: from 89 days to the day of the shoot = 100% of costs.
  • Prices: Prices are valid for the 2020 / 2021 hunting season.




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