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    We hunt in several territories, notably on a 300 000 ha piece of land with a 25km long border with the Kafue National Park! A variety of species can be found here : Lions, Leopards, Cape buffalo, Sable antelope, Crocodile, Hippo, Greater kudu, Bushbuck, Bushpig, Duiker, Cape grysbok, Hartebeest, Hyena, Impala, Oribi, Puku, Reedbuck, Defassa waterbuck (Crawshays), Zebra and Warthog!

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    BELARUS TRIP DETAILS Ever since our first trip here, we as fellow hunters have fallen in love with Belarus! Located in the eastern Europe and with no access to the ocean, Belarus is bordered on its western perimeter by Poland, by Latvia and Lithuania in the north, by Russia in the east and Ukraine in the south. Belarus has been

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    TRIP DETAILS DUCKS, GEESE, DOVES, SANDGROUSE… AND WARTHOGS   You will not find a better place in Senegal! An abundance of varied game, carefully managed hunting areas, experienced guides and trackers, two magnificent lodges, fine cuisine, an organization with 20 years of experience where no detail of your stay has been left to chance.           GAME AND

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    SERBIA – Roe Deer

    ROE DEER in SERBIA TRIP DETAILS Serbia is one of the countries that used to form Yugoslavia. The people are very friendly and tourists are always welcomed with open arms due to the historical links with Europe. Belgrade is only a 2h20 flight from Paris, Madrid or Frankfurt ! GP has seen the potential in Serbia for a long time

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    HUNGARY – Fallow Deer Hunting

    HUNGARY – Fallow Deer Hunting Hungary is known to hold not only the finest population of free ranging fallow deer in all of Europe, but also some of the largest trophies. Fallow deer hunting is open from September 15 to January 31, but it is mainly practiced during the month of October, during the rut. This hunt is an exciting

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    HUNTING RED STAG IN CROATIA Despite it’s relatively small size, the republic of Croatia has a unique diversity of flora and fauna. The landscape varies from the mountainous Alps down to the Mediterranean coast, creating a diverse and rich environment. Indigenous willow, black and white poplar, oak, as well as beech trees abound, and the Danube and Drava rivers provide

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    NAMIBIA – Free range hunting

    NAMIBIA – Free range hunting
    Our Lodge is located in the midst of the rolling hills of the Khomas Hochland, only 75 km north-west of Namibia’s capital, Windhoek. Upon your arrival at the International Airport, we will take you through Windhoek, to your hunting destination. The two-hour drive from the airport to the lodge leads you through a spectacular mountain scenery with breathtaking views and a great abundance of game along the route.



    MOZAMBIQUE THE HUNTING AREA Located in the Nyassa province, around 200 km east of Lichinga, the territory covers an area of around 420 000 hectares. The landscape is a mixture of Miombo forests and plains, very similar to the Selous game reserve in Tanzania. The Lugenda river which flows throughout the year delimits the western perimeter of the zone over

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    SOUTH AFRICA – Free Range Hunting

    SOUTH AFRICA – Free Range Hunting We offer true FREE RANGE HUNTING in three large UNFENCED conservancies for exceptional trophy quality animals where they are INDIGENOUS and occur naturally. This UNRESTRICTED MOVEMENT we believe leads to better trophy quality, a more challenging hunt and an authentic African safari experience. Safaris are conducted in an ethical manner. Accommodation is in traditional

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    FRANCE – Driven High Pheasant at Chateau de la Verrerie

    Driven High Pheasant at Chateau de la Verrerie Surrounded by the Franco-Scottish ambience of the Chateau de la Verrerie, experience the adrenaline and emotions of a traditional English driven pheasant shoot, in the heat of  France. Situated ​in the Cher department, two and a quarter hours drive south of Paris near Aubigny-sur-Nere, an historic village with strong Scottish links. In