HUNGARY – Fallow Deer Hunting

HUNGARY – Fallow Deer Hunting

Hungary is known to hold not only the finest population of free ranging fallow deer in all of Europe, but also some of the largest trophies.

Fallow deer hunting is open from September 15 to January 31, but it is mainly practiced during the month of October, during the rut. This hunt is an exciting experience because the bucks are very active and alert during the rut, meaning that approaching them is a real challenge.

We mainly hunt on large open territories of thick forest intertwined with rivers. These areas have a reputation for producing as being some of the best in the country and produce record trophies every year.

The relief of the landscape is mostly flat with some small hills and the soil is rather sandy. Around 80% of the terriotry is forest, but there are also some plains and scrubland.

During a fallow deer hunt, you have the chance to take a boar or a red deer if the quota of animals available has not been taken during the rut.




The hunter leaves the accommodation by car with their guide then stalks / goes to the high seat according to their preference. Each hunter is accompanied by a guide. Two outings per hunting day, one in the morning and one in the evening, separated by a lunch break. Each outing lasts 2-3 hours.



Several airlines offer direct flights to Budapest international airport. Upon arrival in Budapest a driver will take you to your hotel or hunting house.


A bolt-action rifle is ideal, recommended caliber: 7×64, 7mm, 300 WM, 300 Weatherby, 8 x 68 S or equivalent. Soft-tip bullets should be used, and enough taken for the duration of the stay. The rifle should preferably be equipped with a telescopic sight with good luminosity and sighted in beforehand by a gunsmith. We strongly advise you to practice shooting before your stay, ideally practicing using a shooting stick which we recommend you use.


Our team takes care of the documents and the shipping of the trophies. This process is reasonably quick and cheap as we are in the European Union, so you will just have to pay for the transport of your trophies with no additional customs fees.


No vaccine is required, however, if you take any medication it is essential that you bring it with you as we cannot guarantee that any medication will be available locally.


It is imperative to hold a valid passport. An RC hunting insurance valid for Hungary is compulsory.

A valid European firearm card and local hunting license is required. Check that your weapon numbers correspond to your European card, there have been many errors made by some administration that we have found in the past!

Before departure, you will need to send us: a photocopy or scan of: your RC hunting insurance for Hungary, your passport (or your identity card), your European firearms card and the serial numbers, brand, caliber of your weapon.


You will be accommodated in hunting houses located directly on the territory or in nearby hotels, generally in a single room, sometimes in a double room. Each bedroom has an en suite bathroom.


RATES 2020

Individual hunt / 1 hunter x 1 guide 



  Services included in our package :

  • The organization of the stay with full-board accommodation for the duration of the stay chosen.
  • Travel between the accommodation and the hunting area and travel within the hunting area.
  • A guide per hunter.
  • Reception at Budapest Airport.
  • Transfer between the airport and the hunting area.
  • A Hungarian hunting license.
  • A weapon import permit.
  • The government tax on the deer trophy (varies by size).

Services excluded in our package:

  • Hunting liability insurance to hunt Hungary (provide us with an insurance certificate from your insurer please)
  • The flight to Budapest, any additional baggage or weapons.
  • Tips according to your degree of satisfaction (we recommend 100 to 150 € per fallow deer).
  • The transport of trophies to the final destination. 150 € / trophy (if inside European Union).
  • The services of an interpreter
  • The trophy fees for each animal taken: see below

  Options :

  • Assistance guarantees – repatriation, cancellation costs, luggage, interruption of stay, air delay and civil liability.
  • The rental of a weapon (50 € per day) + the cost of ammunition, if necessary. Possible in certain territories.
  • The additional hunting trip on the day of arrival or the day of departure.
  • The preparation of the headmount or full skin. On demand.




  • Registration: Registration is only final when accompanied by a deposit of 50% minimum of the travel price, the balance must be paid in full 90 days before the date set for departure accompanied by a deposit of 50% of the shooting tax of the desired animal (s). The balance of shooting taxes must be paid no later than 15 days after receipt of the invoice.
  • Cancellation: Any cancellation occurring more than 90 days before the departure date will result in the retention of 50% of the price of the stay (amount of the deposit). Between 90 days and the day of departure, no refund will be given. In every case, the passenger of French nationality will be able to claim “cancellation” insurance, if this has been taken (consult us).
  • Guarantee scale: From the reservation date to 90 days before departure = 50% of costs. From 89 days to the date of departure = 100% charge.
  • Insurance: Your have the option of taking insurance to cover: repatriation, cancellation, loss of luggage, interruption of stay and civil liabilities. Consult us.
  • Price:  Our prices are valid for the hunting season 2020/2021.


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